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 BGA Reballing Kit

Since mainstream production of new IC's is shifting from CBGA, CCGA, CSP, QFN, MLF to BGA IC's, it becomes very difficult to perform rework on defective devices.  Compared to the old style packaging, BGA's have large numbers of soldering points, and solder balls that are located on the bottom of the package, making it very difficult to inspect, and near impossible to even touch up.

Jovy® incorporates all the necessary procedures to remove and re-use BGA IC's with defective solder balls.


JOVY Reballing kit

The three different BGA mask products from Jovy Systems will allow the rework of most all BGA packages on the market today.  Kit JV-RKS includes 12 different BGA masks to rework most shapes and sizes of BGA IC packages.

The JV-RKC kit contains a dreamy 52 different masks.  Kit allows for the rework and reball of all BGA's and FBGA's in all known brands of cell phones.

The JV-RKX limited edition X-box kit comes with two BGA masks that are designed to replace bad solder balls in the GPU, the CPU and the SouthBridge video IC.

Jovy® sphere solder balls come in standard sizes making the reballing process simple and cost effective for any rework service center.


JOVY Universal Reballing Kit JV-RKS

BGA Reballing Kit

1-Main and part A
The BGA package holder is used to align the BGA package and to control the movement up and down

2-Main and part B
Used to lock the parts together, which prevents movement and deformation of the mask during the heating process.

3-Part C
Kit contains 12 different mask of all shapes and sizes, which is suitable for most BGA IC's.



JOVY Cell Phone Chips Reballing Kit

With 52 different BGA masks covering all up to date makes and models of cell phones.  Jovy® also provides tailor made service for any special BGA mask on request.

High temperature steel masks designed for ease of use, with no deformation.

Ease of use and a two and half minute elapsed process time, makes the RE-7500 the most cost effective solution in demand from many technicians and service centers the world around.
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BGA Reballing Kit



JOVY Limited Edition Game Consoles (Xbox and PS3)

Jovy Systems is meeting the market demand and has produced a Special Edition BGA reballing mask that’s has been requested by many Jovy clients. This Special Edition Mask set will repair the Microsoft X-Box’s “ Ring Of Death”, and the dreaded “two lights flashing”. Special kit includes a 1.0mm mask that is made from special materials and two other masks for the GPU and the North Bridge IC.

Microsoft recommends that its IC’s and PCB’s be reflowed or reworked to a maximum of three times. This does not apply to the RE-7500, as it uses safe heat technology, allowing multiple reflowing and repairs for these IC's and PCB's.

Kit includes masks for Xbox, PS3 and more.
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JOVY Fast and Efficient sphere balls
Using solder balls instead of solder paste only takes a few extra minutes. Also, IC’s have different pitches, array patterns, ball diameters, and even different alloys. Sphere solder balls work very well with Jovy’s reflow system, and are well suited to use alongside most rework stations.



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Jovy BGA Reballing Kit
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